Membership Committee – Greets visitors each Sunday, holds New Unitarian Universalist (UU)
classes as well as membership ceremonies, help visitors and members find places to connect
within the congregation, provide appropriate publications relating to membership, maintain
contact with friends and members who come irregularly.

Operations Committee – Looks over the maintenance and operation of our lovely building
and makes sure the facility and its grounds are a great place for us and for our visitors.
Green Team Subcommittee works on our environmental projects, sustainable operations,
recycling and is now beginning to build an Eco-Sanctuary with our church’s land.

Personnel Committee – assist the church to conduct its employment practices legally, ethically,
compassionately, and prudently.

Communications and Publicity Committee – Put your “spin” on the UUCTC image by getting
involved in the communications. Your ideas for both internal and external promotion of our
Worship Services and many programs will help us keep the flame of our chalice burning.
Business Administration Committee: manages business affairs for the church and property.

Social Responsibility Committee – New members and visitors often comment that one of the
greatest appeals of Unitarian Universalism is its commitment to social justice.  This standing
committee sponsors education, and multiple opportunities to reach out into our community to
persons and groups who need help.

Music Committee – Our Music Committee supports and nurtures a dynamic and transformative music ministry for
the UUCTC community, inviting musicians and performers for services and including our church choir.

Hospitality Committee – The Hospitality Committee is responsible for providing a welcoming social interaction
after each Sunday service for members and guests of the congregation. It is also responsible for coordinating special
lunches, dinners, and receptions.

Art in the Narthex – This committee’s mission, among other things, is to recognize the artistic
talent of the congregation and local artists with a gallery space found within our building. If you
value the arts, this may be the Committee for you.

Pastoral Care Committee – With empathy, interest, and a small amount of time, you can help the
team, as it seeks to be aware of and respond to the specific joys and sorrows of the individual
church members and friends.

Worship Associate Committee – Inspired by the beautiful format and thought-provoking content of
our worship services?  Being a member of this standing committee allows you to represent the
congregation as you assist the ministers in presenting Sunday services.  Activities include making
sure the chalice is outfitted with lighters, readings and announcements, planning and scheduling
speakers and services, and being a Worship Associate, which includes speaking from the pulpit.