• Nutrition Masters

    • LAHIA (Love and Hope in Action) Ministry
      Love and Hope in Action, Inc., (LAHIA) is a charity that ministers to
      the needs of the homeless and unemployed in the Stuart, Florida
      area. LAHIA offers shelter, meals, a food pantry, clothing, toiletries,
      spiritual ministry, social service assistance, health kits, employment
      assistance and most important – Love and Hope to those in need.
    • Tent City Helpers
      We are a group of fellow concerned citizens in Martin County, FL –
      now over 1000 members strong in just over a year. Our mission is to
      shine a light on the homeless population in our area, assist in
      meeting the homeless’ immediate needs and work
      towards organizing appropriate housing for the homeless men,
      families, and women in our local area.
  • Choir

Adult Enrichment

  • Faith & Book Discussion Group
  • Theological Workshops
  • Buddhist Meditation Group
  • UU Women’s Health Group
  • Cook’s Night Out
  • Adventure Club
  • Art in the Narthex

Family & Children’s Ministry

  • Sunday Activities for Children
  • Sunday Educational Programming
  • Eco-Spirituality Project